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Letter To The Editor: Time For Problem Solvers

It was with a great deal of frustration that I left the recent town hall held by our Congressional Representative, Tom McClintock (R-CA4), in O’Neals this past Thursday evening. I traveled from Mariposa to O’Neals with a question that I was hoping to get an answer in the affirmative to.

Recently the Problem Solvers Caucus was formed in the House of Representatives by 20 Republican and 20 Democratic members who are committed to breaking through the gridlock that has plague this institution for far too long. They understand that in order for them to achieve meaningful results on complex issues facing the American public, from healthcare to tax reform and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, they will need to compromise with one another.

Compromise has been the bedrock principle that has allowed our country to flourish in the face of threats both foreign and domestic for the last 241 years. Without compromise the extremes of both sides of the political spectrum tend to run amok. So when I posed the question to Representative McClintock if he would consider joining the Problem Solvers Caucus, I was flabbergasted by his callous disregard for this common sense approach, as he emphatically denounced the basic concept of the Caucus and stated his unwillingness to join. In his words, “The House of Representatives is already a problem solving caucus, by definition that is what we do.”

Well I think we all know by now how well that is working out for all of us. With representatives such as Tom McClintock in office it is no wonder that that the real agenda of the American people (and the concerns of our district), are being ignored in favor of partisan ideology. In his nine years in office McClintock’s accomplishments for our district amount to the naming of two Post Office buildings and a mountain top!

Ask yourself, don’t we deserve better than this? Don’t we deserve a representative who actually lives in our district and cares about our concerns? It is definitely time to drain the swamp and it begins by voting McClintock out of office in 2018.

Philip Reno


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