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Letter To The Editor: Thank You To The Firefighter$

So you want to say “Thank you to the Firefighters.” Every sign along the roads is appreciated by the firefighters and responders.

However if you REALLY want to say “Thank You,” call your congressman and state officials to demand a “Livable Wage” to these brave and dedicated souls who protect your lives and your property. They have families and bills, and many are seasonal firefighters. Well if we haven’t noticed, the fire season in California is all year now.

When a Firefight I or II could make more money by working full-time at Costco, this should tell you something. Would you put your life in danger for others?

And for our dedicated Forest Fire Lookouts who live on the peaks of the Sierra, they too bring the early detections and reporting of fires to “Keep them Small.” They are the “Eyes of the Forest” and also deserve a livable wage for their important contribution in fire detection.

So please keep the signs coming and proudly post them. But if you have taken the time to support our firefighters and lookouts by calling in their support, add a “$” to the sign.

To all Firefighters, First Responders and Lookouts, Be safe and “Thank You $.”

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