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Letter To The Editor: Sally Moreno For District Attorney

As Madera County faces a number of challenges, the one that concerns me the most is crime and how we are going to address this growing problem.

The California Legislature continues to introduce laws that are “handcuffing” our law enforcement officials and that is why more than ever we need to elect officials who know how to fight back and remember the victims of crime. That is why I am supporting Sally Orme Moreno for District Attorney.

Coalition building with every element of law enforcement is the key to fight crime. Judges, District Attorneys, County Sheriffs and Police Chiefs must come together to push back on these ridiculous laws that threaten our families and communities. I know Sally is already doing this by helping to write the Keeping California Safe Initiative that will be on the 2020 ballot. This will help protect our citizens.

Sally’s work with other law enforcement officials and surrounding counties has earned her the endorsements of public safety officials including our local Sheriff Jay Varney and District Attorneys from Fresno County, Mariposa County and Tulare County.

Criminals don’t follow the rules or care about boundaries. That is why we need someone in the Madera District Attorney’s office who has the relationships and expertise to pull together resources to combat crime. That person is clearly Sally Orme Moreno.

Please join me to protect our county and our way of life and vote for Sally Orme Moreno for Madera County District Attorney.

Cindy Diaz

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