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Letter to the Editor: No On Measure L

To the Editor:

Commonly, under the PERS (Public Employee Retirement System), through a payroll deduction, employee’s pay 100% or less of the contribution required, and the employer (the taxpayers) may pay a share or percentage of the contribution required.

Pursuant to Madera County Resolution 2016-257, Dated August 20, 2016, Madera County taxpayers will pay the full amount of the contribution required for Elected positions and County Department Heads. This benefit is in addition to life insurance paid by the taxpayers, plus long term disability, approximately $1,200 discretionary allowance and numerous other benefits. Perhaps the Madera County elected officials and department heads will consider taking responsibility for contributing to their own retirement like the rest of us have or are doing now. The taxpayers can then use those funds for additional fire fighters salaries and equipment.


More information at www.noonmeasurel.org


PERS Paid The County shall pay, on behalf of Elective officers and Non-elected Department Heads, the employee’s share of required contributions to the Public Employees Retirement System (“PERS”) for those Elective Officers and Non-Elected Department heads with current or prior qualifying public sector service that establishes eligibility as a “classic member” pursuant to the provisions of California’s 2013 Pension Reform Act (Act) and CalPERS Regulations. Payments made pursuant to this provision shall not be reported to PERS as “additional compensation” for any of said Officers and Employees

Wheeler: Yes
Rodriquez: Yes
Fraizier: Yes
Rogers: No
Farinelli: No


Terre Sparkman

Oakhurst, CA

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