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Letter to the Editor: McClintock Shouldn’t Sell Out

Philip Reno obviously wasn’t listening to Congressman McClintock when he demanded that McClintock join “The Problem Solvers Caucus.” Reno says he was “flabbergasted” by McClintock’s answer. I found it refreshing.

The “Problem Solver’s Caucus” comprises the most liberal establishment Republicans who are willing to go along with the tax and spend policies of Nancy Pelosi and the left. McClintock made the point that the entire Congress is supposed to be a problem solvers caucus, and that no single group can claim to have all the answers. Perhaps McClintock should have added that he was elected to stand up for the hard-working taxpayers of this district and isn’t about to sell us out to the liberals. There are plenty of Republicans who will – McClintock isn’t one of them. Thank God.

Ruth Sellers


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