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Letter To The Editor: Mariposa Supervisor Supports Tom Wheeler

To the Voters of Madera County District V:

It is my honor to heartily endorse Tom Wheeler for reelection as Supervisor District Five.

Over the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of working closely with Tom on regional, state and national issues which all have implications for our neighboring counties.

Because of Tom’s experience, strategy, tenacity and indefatigable commitment to tackling the most challenging problems affecting Madera County, he has become a “go to” elected official for groups as diverse as our Congressman, the Governor’s office, the Rural County Representatives of CA, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and many issues within the National Association of Counties.

I have been a Mariposa County Supervisor for 10 years. Tom has also become my “go to” fellow foothill supervisor as we have grappled with tree mortality, flood damage, rural economic development, forest health, emergency response, federal Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) and on and on. I work with Tom because he gets things done.

With so many challenges facing our counties none of us have time to play politics or waste time going through motions. I greatly appreciate Tom’s continual analysis to ensure he is working on the most important issues for Madera County.

I value Tom’s partnership and sincerely trust the folks of District V will reelect this valuable asset for our counties.

Kevin Cann
Mariposa County Supervisor District IV

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