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Letter To The Editor: Madera County Needs Austin Quarry

To the Editor:

Vulcan Materials Company’s aggregates are indeed vital to the growth and vitality of Madera County. Many people are unaware that all roads, hospitals, buildings, and highways that we use every day would not exist without large quantities of the aggregates needed to build them.

In a letter to the editor on April 8, a writer repeated misinformation about the Austin Quarry that was previously circulated in the community. The truth is, without the Austin Quarry, Madera County will not meet the projected long-term demand for aggregate resources needed to support its planned and approved growth.

The County of Madera and its independent experts are currently preparing a final environmental impact report to be made public in the next few months. At that time, the final determination regarding water, traffic, environmental and other concerns will be made.

Vulcan Materials is confident that the final report will be fair and accurate and will confirm that the Austin Quarry will be a vital and valuable resource for Madera County for years to come.

Please visit our website at for accurate information about our project.

Barb Goodrich-Welk

Vulcan Materials Company

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