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Letter To The Editor: Jessica Morse Will Bring Change We Need

Jessica Morse will bring the change that we need in California. Jessica’s charisma is inspiring people to make change happen.

Jessica believes that everyone should be given an equal opportunity to high quality and affordable healthcare, regardless of pre-existing conditions. Her opponent Tom McClintock voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act which would have allowed insurance companies to deny 300,000 people in our region of healthcare because of pre-existing conditions.

Jessica understands that affordable healthcare for everyone is a necessity and she is fighting lower prescription drug costs, making healthcare prices transparent, and giving healthcare companies incentives to keep people healthy. If you want someone in Congress to have your best interest in mind, you need to vote for Jessica Morse.

Jessica is a fifth generation northern California. She lives in our district, unlike her opponent. She is around the people and experiences the needs of our district first hand. She is a homegrown candidate who understands the real issues that are in our district. She will listen to both parties to create common sense solutions that will last. She will make the change that we need happen.

I encourage all voters to vote Jessica Morse for Congress in November because we need a problem solver in Washington.


Chloe Clark

Granite Bay, CA

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