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Letter To The Editor: Jessica Morse for a Change

After nearly ten years of ineffective representation in Congress, it’s time for a change in California Congressional District 4.

After spending considerable time this past year getting to know the other candidates on the June 5th primary ballot, I’ve concluded that Jessica Morse is the most qualified to represent CD-04 into the future.

With her past deeply rooted in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, she has a vision of the future based on the notion that cooperation and problem solving is more important than ideological purity and partisan posturing. Unlike our current representative, Jessica boasts both a current residence in our district, and a family history that goes back generations.

Jessica’s unique experience serving in Iraq alongside our troops as a member of USAID, gives her an international perspective on our global commitments. Additionally, she has been engaged in diplomatic activities in India, Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Nepal. Couple all of this with her intimate knowledge of our district (she’s hiked the entire length of the 4th district from Tahoe to Mt. Whitney), and you have a rare individual who is ready to do the hard work of representing our sprawling district.

Unlike our current representative, Jessica’s views on tree mortality, healthcare, employment opportunity, and education are all “district centric” and not tied to an overarching extreme ideology. As I see it our representative’s job is to represent us, and not some political agenda. In my opinion Jessica Morse will do just that.

Philip Reno

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