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Letter To The Editor: Hornick Doesn’t Have The Experience To Be District Attorney

I read with great interest the curious letter to the editor by candidate Paul Hornick the other day.

I find it interesting that candidate Hornick just woke up to legislation from Sacramento that is a constant assault to the safety of our community, including police officers. Where was he when Sacramento was proposing the elimination of bail for misdemeanors, decriminalizing drugs and letting everyone out of prison early? The job of District Attorney is to protect every citizen of Madera County including law enforcement officers and their families, who are also citizens.

I was also struck by his claim that he’s been a prosecutor for 13 years. My understanding was he moved to Madera County less than 3 years ago. So I looked into it and based on his information, he was also a prosecutor in Florida for just over 3 years so that is a total of 6 years of prosecutorial experience. So no prosecutions until David Linn hired him to be his political corruption operative in 2015?

Madera County taxpayers are now facing tens of millions of dollars in law suits in federal court by District Attorney David Linn, the same person who hired Paul Hornick to rid the DA’s office of harassment and racism. Whether Paul Hornick is Rip Van Winkle or just more of the same, we need a DA who is engaged and concerned about all victims and will fight to protect our families.

A candidate who isn’t honest about his experience and is selectively choosing his politically expedient battles from a list of bad legislation from Sacramento doesn’t seem like the right choice to lead the DA’s office.

Thank you,

Renee Young

Madera, Calif.

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