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Letter To The Editor: Extremely Impressed By Marshall Long

District 3 Voters….

I’ve gotten to know my neighbor, Marshall Long, over the past 13 years, and have been extremely impressed by his work as District 3 Supervisor throughout the past 3 years. As a majority of citizens, I had no idea how much time, effort, and energy are required to perform the job of Supervisor at a level that actually makes a difference to county residents.

Marshall has truly excelled at his job. He is constantly seeking and interested in public input; he attends countless meetings and events, far and near; he provides regular public reports, via social media, covering emergency situations like the recent fires and more recently, flooding and road damage.

I’ve had in depth conversations with Marshall about the most important needs of Mariposa County. His unique ideas and solutions come from Marshall’s uncommonly good common sense approach to life. He has shown himself to have a clear and accurate understanding of the economic forces, and opportunities, relevant to a community, and county, like ours.

He’s deeply involved with and concerned about the future of Mariposa County: it’s education and future of our youth; about creating good paying jobs; protecting property owners’ rights; promoting affordable housing; upgrading our roads and bridges, and expanding and modernizing our ancient infrastructure.

Marshall loves Mariposa County like few other folks I’ve encountered. His roots run deep, and are sincere. Marshall’s family is part of the fabric of this county. It’s typical during political contests to encounter accusations of one kind or another, unfounded but convenient, and launched solely for political gain. Marshall does nothing for personal political gain, he has always done what he thinks is right for the county. I can tell you that over the course of the past 13 years, there have been numerous opportunities for Marshall to compromise my trust, and it hasn’t happened even once.

Re-elect Marshall Long. We need more leaders like him.

Most sincerely,

Larry Vilott

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