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Letter To The Editor

Rosemarie Smallcombe for District 1 County Supervisor

I strongly endorse Rosemarie Smallcombe for District 1 County Supervisor.  I have known her since she was first elected in 2014 and since then we have worked together on several occasions.  I am always amazed at her depth of knowledge and sincere concern for our county.

Because of her background in Regulatory Compliance, she has experience working in private industry and with all levels of government.  These skills are invaluable for our county.

Rosemarie has a long list of accomplishments as a county supervisor.  For instance, as co-chair of the Tree Mortality Task Force, she worked extensively in the areas of forest health and fuel reduction.

She is currently working on numerous projects including affordable homeowners’ insurance, road maintenance, broadband availability, and the housing crisis.

Rosemarie tackles the difficult issues by doing extensive research.

She is tenacious, thorough and always professional.  She will be ready to work on the very first day of her new term and every day after. She knows that being on a county supervisor is a full time job and she is eager to continue working extremely hard for the citizens of Mariposa County.  Mariposa needs Rosemarie’s knowledge, commitment and experience.  Please support her with your vote.

Kathy Chappell


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