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Leaf Peeping in Lundy Canyon

We sneaked over to Lundy Canyon to view and capture the yellow, orange and red colors of fall. Our timing was right on!

Where: Inyo National Forest
Distance: About 7 Miles
Elevation Range: 6,916 – 8,088
Date: October 5, 2013
Maps: Big Alkali, Buckeye Ridge

Highlights: The reflections of yellow and orange trees in the Beaver Pond were outstanding! Now is a great time to take a drive to the east side and see that fall color.

We headed up Lundy Canyon, noting stands of nice color on our way up, but decided to drive on up to the top of the road and work our way back down. That Beaver Pond had some very nice reflections in it.

Leaf Peeping 2

Leaf Peeping 3

Leaf Peeping 4

Leaf Peeping 5

Here is a glimpse behind the scenes of those Beaver Pond pictures that Gail Gilbert captured. Professional photographers with really big cameras were taking their pictures. Here I am with my little point and shoot Lumix.

Leaf Peeping 6

A little walk up the road gave us a chance to see some trees in the early stages of turning color, with the backdrop of the very blue sky with white and red mountains.

Leaf Peeping 7

Leaf Peeping 8

We found some really nice color in the campground.

Leaf Peeping 9

Leaf Peeping 10

Leaf Peeping 11

Leaf Peeping 12

Leaf Peeping 13

We drove down to the Day Use Area to find even more color. The wild rose foliage was a beautiful red.

Leaf Peeping 14

Leaf Peeping 15

Leaf Peeping 16

Leaf Peeping 17

Even the thistle was pretty.

Leaf Peeping 18

Yellow Aspens lined the main road.

Leaf Peeping 19

Leaf Peeping 20

Leaf Peeping 21

Leaf Peeping 22

Now is the time to get out and see those trees changing colors. Even if you take a short drive around your town, you can see trees such as pistachio and ash putting on a nice display.

If you wish to take a longer drive, here is a website that is a nice helper in getting color reports: http://www.californiafallcolor.com/tag/lundy-canyon/

Enjoy that leaf peeping!

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