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Last Call For Oakhurst Time Capsule

OAKHURST – What can you share that represents modern life in this mountain town? The Centennial Committee of the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce wants to know: they’re reaching out to the community for items to be placed in a time capsule marking the town centennial.

The time capsule will be sealed and buried at an unspecified location this year and opened again in 2112.Sandy Brinley, Chair of the committee celebrating the 100th anniversary of Oakhurst, says the group has a small collection so far, and they want help adding to it.

“Right now we have maybe about 15 items,” Brinley says, “and we’re looking for more.”

Items can be anything that is representative of the town from the past 100 years, including photographs that depict life in Oakhurst, mementos from events iconic to the town, and anything else residents may feel should be included.

“If it’s something you look at and think ‘that’s Oakhurst!’ then, chances are, it would be perfect for the time capsule,” says Brinley. The committee is actively soliciting support and ideas right up to the last minute.

“Right now, we have a medallion from Mountaineer Days and we have the current phone book which has the story of how Fresno Flats changed its name to Oakhurst,” says Brinley. “We have a video which is a history of the Harlow Fire,” she continues, referring to the catastrophic blaze that burned through the area for 6 days in 1961. Items for the time capsule range from the historic to the mundane.

Other treasures already gathered include stories of the area’s history, and a centennial booklet from the Chamber. Brinley says that, ideally, the time capsule will contain photographs and ephemera from schools, churches, merchants, organizations and individuals.

Area websites are also encouraged to print and include their landing page. The committee needs more memorabilia to ensure the time capsule is full. They even have an extra time capsule if enthusiasm warrants its burial, too, and are hoping for some great material from local schools.

“We’re looking for ideas from people on what they think best stands for our town for the past 100 years,” Brinley says, reminding potential donors that contemporary items are important to include, as well.

“When this is opened in 100 years, they’re not going to want to see 200 years, they’re going to want to see 100 years, so that’s now,” says Brinley. “We’re going to include some ‘now’ stuff too.”

The time capsule will be buried in an impervious container near the monument at Fresno Flats commemorating Oakhurst’s Centennial, recently dedicated by the fraternal organization, the Clampers.

There will be a time capsule presentation on Sunday, Dec. 16, at 2 p.m. at Fresno Flats, and organizers are hoping to have all items gathered by then. However, they will accept donations through Dec. 19.

Items for the time capsule can be dropped off at the Chamber of Commerce at 40637 Highway 41, or at Fresno Flats on School Road (427). The committee requests that name and phone number be included with drop-offs.

If you have ideas about something that should be included, contact the chamber at 559-683-7766.

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