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Larry Langley’s Happy Camping: Jones Store And Gravity Gas

Jones Store on Beasore Road

North Fork’s own Larry Langley takes us to a local landmark:

Have you ever been to Jones Store?

No? You’re missing out. It’s a great scenic 14-mile drive up into the mountains on the twisty but paved Beasore Road. Where’s Beasore Road? Above Bass Lake, just past the turnoff to The Pines Resort.

This is a real old-time country store that has a hundred-year history of serving cattle ranchers in the Sierra, and now, mostly campers, motorcyclists and tourists. They also offer very rustic cabins for rent during the summer season.

Locals who know about it flock to Jones Store when it opens, usually right after the snow melts. It’s located on Beasore Meadow at an elevation of around 6,800 feet, so it’s a great place to beat the heat of the lower elevations.

Gravity fed gas pump

They have basic supplies and offer sandwiches, home-made pies and hamburgers, beer and other sundry items you might need up there. Jones Store sells gasoline (mostly to motorcyclists) from its old-fashioned gravity pump but have a very limited supply. Owner Vern Black claims it’s the only gravity pump licensed by the state.

There is no electricity, no phone or cell service. Hamburgers are cooked by propane that also keeps the old fashioned refrigerators cold, just like your RV!

Beasore Meadow has been in the family since the 1800s, one of many operations and the first stop on the cattle drive to allow cows to feed on the fresh grass in the meadows. When the road was built in 1936 Tom Jones decided to build an old western front store. In 1954 the current two-story store was built.

Vern and Lois Black had been running the store for many years but their children have now taken over. They still make hamburgers, but now they are double-wide and tasty as ever. The pies are still to die for if you have enough appetite left over from the big burger!

Inside the store: sundry items

Dogs are welcome as long as they aren’t aggressive. Our Corgi Maggie May loves to visit and tries to score a treat from anyone eating one of the burgers.

After visiting, you can head back down Beasore Road or continue on to make a nice, long scenic loop by heading up Beasore and then turning right on Grizzly Road which takes you over to Mammoth Pool Road where you’ll turn right, to head back down the hill to North Fork.

Caution: drive Grizzly Road very carefully: it’s a very narrow paved road, only one car wide but widens out at each curve. It’s a great motorcycle road, also.

Beasore Store closes in the fall right after hunting season. Don’t miss out, stop by and tell them Sierra News Online sent you!

More information, map included: Sierra Nevada Geo Tourism

Gas from what Vern says is the only licensed gravity fed gas pump in the state

Sittin’ on the porch at Jones Store

Beasore Meadow nearby

It’s a popular stop

Burger up, pie up, gas up and get going





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  1. In the early 50’s my brother and I with our father hiked up to Jackass lakes and we stopped at Jones store. In the early 70’s Myself (Jerry M. Hal)) and son Mark along with John Evans and Don Chandler also made the trip. As firefighters with the Merced Fire Dept. we enjoyed going on backpacking trips in the Sierra’s. Lots of good memories as well. And yes I did buy gas and food from Jones store while we made the trips up to Jackass lakes.

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