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Fremontia photo courtesy Dan Horner

Landscaping With Drought-Tolerant Native Plants

Mariposa Master Gardeners Carpenteria Carpenteria by Kris Randal

Carpenteria photo courtesy Kris Randal

Submitted by Kris Randal — 

MARIPOSA — After over four years of drought, perhaps you are wondering if you can still have a garden or maintain colorful and thriving landscapes.  If so, think about utilizing drought-tolerant California native plants!

Join the Mariposa County UCCE Master Gardeners at the Board of Supervisors Chambers on Saturday, Sept. 17 from 10 a.m. to noon, to see a presentation by Bonnie Bladen, owner of Intermountain Nursery in Prather.  Bonnie will highlight some of the toughest and most drought-tolerant native plants that grow well in our foothill environments and will also touch on how to have year-round color.  Since fall is the perfect time to plant natives, she will bring some plants as examples and offer them for sale.

Mariposa Master Gardeners Wild Rose Master Gardener, Dan Horner

Wild Rose photo courtesy Dan Horner

Although, there are many drought-tolerant plants from other parts of the world with similar, Mediterranean climates—such as Australia, Chile and South Africa—California native plants have an advantage because they  are acclimated to our local climate and soils and don’t need expensive amendments, fertilizers or pesticides.

In fact, native plants promote soil health by supporting beneficial, underground fungi and animal life that are critical to a healthy, functioning ecosystem. These plants also have evolved with, and help support native bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators and as a result, the plants also provide seeds, nuts, fruits and habitats for other birds and wildlife.  Quite a bang for your buck!

To receive educational handouts at this free workshop, please register online at  or call (209) 966-2417.

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Kris Randal is the Mariposa UCCE Master Gardener Coordinator

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