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Kindness In The Curriculum At Minarets

Written by Dalilah Ybarra —

O’NEALS — A small public high school located within downtown O’Neals is most likely the friendliest campus in the Central Valley. Minarets is filled with joyous students, not to mention kind and caring teachers.

Questions or concerns that students may possibly have about assignments are always met with helpful answers. Students aren’t ever afraid when it comes to asking for help.

The small campus may seem as if it’s objected to not enough of the learning standards being achieved due to the small population. Each teacher works their hardest to incorporate subjects and issues that students will feel they will be the most engaged in.

Not only do the teachers help you comprehend certain learning assessments by choosing topics that will keep you engaged, they will help you as much as possible.

Being at such a nice and friendly high school you learn that not everyone is out to get you, and there are actually kind people and many of them attend or even work at Minarets. Not only is it one of the friendliest campuses it is also unique. The school shows its differences in more ways than just one. Having classes and courses that each student can relate to and excel in makes Minarets creative.

Dalilah Ybarra is a Minarets student enrolled in Digital Writing 

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