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Kick Off Halloween Week With Reptile Ron At Branches Books

Sandra and a snake at Branches

OAKHURST — Welcome all who creep and crawl to Branches Books & Gifts on Monday, Oct. 29, as Reptile Ron and his interactive menagerie come to visit and kick off Halloween Week festivities.

During this free 45-minute event you’ll have an opportunity to learn about the exotic animals in Reptile Ron’s educational and entertaining live show. Those who wish to can meet the animals up-close, and all are expected to have fun. The Reptile Ron show starts at 3 p.m.

This is a chance for a child to wear a Columbian boa like a sporty neck-scarf, or hold a mantis that looks like a creature from a Disney movie. While some people (often known as parents) tend to stay on the sidelines during this presentation, others warm up to the cold-blooded creatures and are permitted to gently touch or even handle the snakes. If it’s not your thing, just wander to one of the dictionaries at Branches and look up ophidiophobia.

Chloe and one of Ron’s friends

Ron explains each animal to the genuinely attentive audience, including where it lives and what it eats, and even talks about some of the myths some animals have about them. Ron is the son of a woman who taught kindergarten for nearly 40 years and has been an animal enthusiast all his life, so he knows how to slip valuable information into the semi-frenzied fun.

“We really enjoy working with the kids and educating people,” says Ron, who has a calm and easy-going way that helps to put everyone (snakes included) at ease. “We get to see their faces light up, they’re having a good time, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Branches Books and Gifts is located in the Old Mill Shopping Center.Call (559) 641-2019 for more information.

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