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Keitz Will Put Bad Guys Behind Bars

There are several important issues and offices on the ballot in Madera County this November. BUT we would like to bring to your attention the office of District Attorney. We would not be supporting or endorsing MICHAEL KEITZ for your District Attorney if we did not believe he is of the highest moral and ethical character, will serve our County with absolutely dedication and conviction, and is the most qualified candidate.

For those reasons we ask you to closely examine the individuals, there backgrounds, and accomplishments prior to casting your vote for Madera County’s District Attorney. Here are some BASIC facts: MICHAEL KEITZ is the only candidate with experience as a prosecutor, spending 22 years in the Madera DA’s office; his record consist of a 17% increase in criminal convictions, which have been achieved during his tenure; there has been a 130% increase in criminal jury trials that have occurred during the save period of time, resulting in the successful prosecution, conviction and incarceration of many criminals.

These are only a few brief statements why we are vigorously supporting MICHAEL KEITZ for District Attorney. So please, examine the two candidates and ask yourself what individual would you want “Putting the Bad Guys behind bars”. We want the person that can most effectively do the job. Thank you for your attention and we hope that you join us in supporting and reelecting MICHAEL KEITZ for Madera County District Attorney.

Sincerely, Stell and Patty Manfredi, Madera,

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