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Keitz Is Costing The County Money

To the Editor:

District Attorney Michael Keitz petitioned the court and got the Rowley Report (Investigation of his District Attorney’s office) kept from the public. The report can be released with Mr. Keitz’s permission, but so far, Mr. Keitz has declined. What does the report say that Mr. Keitz does not want the public (voters) to know? Does he consider denying the public’s right to know less damaging politically than the contents of that report?

How many District Attorneys get sued by fellow county employees, and are defended at the expense of taxpayers? How many more law suits will be brought against Mr. Keitz, should he be reelected, and how much more will that cost us?

How much longer should the voters tolerate record employee turnovers in the DA’s office? Would a competently run District Attorney’s office be 38% understaffed, and not getting any better?

Candidate David Linn’s “Restore the Public Trust” is more than a slogan. It is a call to fix a serious problem in Madera County. The public trust is broken, and I’m not prepared to trust the person who broke it, Mr. Keitz, it to fix it.

“That he is not Michael Keitz,” is not the only good reason to vote for David Linn. David is highly qualified by education, experience, and a great reputation.

I’ve known David Linn for several years. I respect him and I trust him. I will vote for him.

Ed Bailey


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