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Keeping Minarets Hydrated: Bethany Morgan’s Successful SLE

O’NEALS — As a volleyball, soccer and softball player, Bethany Morgan has always known one of the most important rules of life is to stay hydrated! Hydration is a key point to a healthy lifestyle according to Beth. As a result, she decided to make the mission of her Senior Legacy Experience (SLE) project to replace the water fountains around Minarets with refillable water bottle stations. Bethany figured this would be a great way to encourage students to drink more water.​

Over the course of eight months, Bethany began to encourage Minarets students to recycle all plastic and cans around campus by placing recycling bins in classrooms.. She would collect the recycling, ​​turn in the cans and plastic, and receive money. All the money she collected went toward getting the refillable water bottle stations. In those eight months Bethany raised roughly $2,400 — just enough to replace the water fountains in the gym with a refillable water station. The station was put in on May 1 of this year.

While Bethany’s main focus was to motivate others to remain hydrated with her SLE, she also wanted to reduce the pollution levels in the world. Seeing that Fresno/Madera counties are on the list of top ten most polluted cities in the United States, Bethany’s recycling idea was much needed.

Before Bethany leaves Minarets, she would like her fellow students to remember, “Recycle your plastic because the rate of pollution in America alone has gone up every year for the past twenty years. So please, do what you can to not add to the problem. And remember to stay hydrated!”

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MadaLynn Rocha is a student at Minarets.

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