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Just a Day's Work

Hi all. I haven’t found much wildlife here in Sonoma county, so here’s what i did today on Saint Patrick’s Day, It’s sheepdog trials, outside of Santa Rosa on a beautiful ranch, one judge from Scotland, the other Ireland.

The sheep:

The dog:

A Days Work 2

Another dog (actually there were dozens of border collies):

A Days Work 3

His idea of fun is to round up sheep:

A Days Work 4

Starting to work:

A Days Work 5

Moving them along without spooking them:

A Days Work 6

Turning them:

A Days Work 7

Making an end around:

A Days Work 8

One escapes the herd:

A Days Work 9

The dog cuts off the errant sheep:

A Days Work 10

Extra points if the dog can split the her into two and two,

a maneuver called shedding.

This dog is about to do this with success:

A Days Work 11

Home in Santa Rosa, Saint Patrick’s Day wearin’ ‘o the green:

A Days Work 12

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