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July 4th Fireworks Return To Bass Lake

BASS LAKE — After a year’s haitus during which the community at large was treated to a 4th of July laser show that attempted to recreate the thrill of fireworks, the real deal is coming back to Bass Lake.

Michelle Miller of Miller’s Landing and the Bass Lake Chamber of Commerce confirmed today that residents and visitors will once again crane their heads to the heavens in an enchanting chorus of “ooohs” and “ahhhs” on Monday, July 4, as fireworks light the night sky.

Asked about the change of heart, Michelle responded that things are different — better — this year.

“We’re feeling good about having fireworks back because of the water level in the lake being so high already,” Michelle explains. “Crews are working hard to get the dead trees out as fast as they can and much of that work will be done by the fourth of July. We’ve paid the deposit on the fireworks and we are moving forward!”

The traditional season-ending show at Miller’s will go on, as well. Bonus? It’s a new moon on the night of July 4, 2016 — with a dark sky — until the fireworks start! See you at the lake.

Bass Lake Chamber of Commerce

Miller’s Landing at Bass Lake

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