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John K Burton Named Honorary Mayor

John K Burton has won the title of Honorary Mayor for the 2nd time in three years.

The voters have spoken and John, on behalf of the EMC SPCA has once again become the Honorary Mayor of Oakhurst. The announcement was made by outgoing Mayor Rima Runtzel. The candidates combined fundraising efforts totaled $67,155.57. Rima put it best when she said, “In 9 weeks in Oakhurst; this is just insane.”

New Mayor Burton praised the generosity of the community, commenting on how awesome it is when the economy is suffering the way that it is that they were all able to raise that much money. He also applauded the efforts of the other candidates.Steven Jacobs 7-11-12

Steven Jacobs and his group of loyal supporters were very happy with the amount that was raised for the Wild Wonderful Women King Vintage Museum and will continue to raise funds for the cause.Jarrod and family 7-11-12

I spoke with Jarrod Lyman and asked what his next venture into community service would be, and before he was able to answer his lovely wife Cindy said that his service will be in support of her pregnancy for the next few months!

The total amount raised per candidate is not disclosed by the Chamber however many congratulations to each of the candidates who worked so hard to raise money for their causes.

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