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John C. Fremont Announces First Farmers Market

John C. Fremont Healthcare District Announces First Farmers Market, August 10, Offering Prescription for Health 

MARIPOSA  – John C. Fremont Healthcare District will have their first farmers market in front of the hospital on the lawn on August 10 from 11a.m. to 2p.m. open to staff, patients and the community.

The inspiration to have the farmers market at the hospital came from their Public Relations Director Therese Williams.  Williams attends the Wednesday evening Mariposa market after work. She feels healthy eating farm fresh product that is sourced locally.

Williams said, “To me, it makes sense to feed your body with nutritious locally grown food as another form of a prescription. It is really good for everyone to have access to farmers market, so having it at the hospital on a different day and during day time hours will reach a different audience who will have access to healthy locally grown food.”

Williams approached the organizers of the Mariposa Farmers Market if they approve of the hospital having a farmers market.  They said yes and asked that she contact the vendors to ascertain their interest.

“I went around to each vendor and introduced myself and asked if they were interested to participate.  Each vendor was enthusiastic and thought it was a good idea to have it on the hospital grounds,” Williams said.

The August 10 farmers market will be a test to ascertain if it is popular and if it is, Williams plans to have another in September.

Kym Brownell, a John C. Fremont Healthcare District employee said she is going to attend the market during her lunchtime.

Dr. Mimi Carter said “for a healthy lifestyle it’s important to eat whole foods and to minimize processed foods. A farmers market is a great way to access whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables that are locally grown.”

For more information, contact Therese Williams, therese.williams@jcf-hospital.com

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