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Jarrod Talks About His Honorary Mayor Campaign

Q: What have you learned about yourself/your charity/your community through this process?

A: I have learned that I’m very competitive. Kidding. I already knew that. In all seriousness, I’ve always been a fan of the Children’s Museum, but through this process I became well acquainted with the amazing staff and volunteers there who are responsible for making the museum the wonderful place it is.

The race also confirmed what I already knew about the mountain communities, that the people here are incredibly generous and do whatever they can to help a worthy cause.

Q:What are your plans for your charity going forward?

A: I will continue to help the museum with future events and programs. For example, we’re working on a new exhibit that will be a lot of fun and focuses on something that’s right up my alley experience-wise.

Q: What do you plan to do in your term as mayor?

A: I will continue to be an advocate for not just my charity but all worthy causes in the community and the businesses as well. I will do whatever I can to help the community with my honorary title, should I earn it. I may also try to use it to get out of any speeding tickets I may receive. (kidding again)

Q: Can you offer your thoughts about your competitors, the other candidates?

A: They’re all great people. We do this not because of the title (okay, maybe a little for the title) but because we are passionate about our cause. And all the causes are worthy ones, so while being competitive and wanting everything to go to the Children’s Museum, I’m really happy for the SPCA and King’s Vintage Museum and hope they’ve raised a lot as well.

Q: How has your family participated in your campaign?

A: My family has been a huge help throughout this. I can’t thank my wife Cindy enough. We’re both really busy and when I first talked to her about running, she didn’t complain about not seeing each other as it is, she was right on board saying she would help however she could. And she has. My daughter Kaylee has been a huge champion for me, talking about the race for all her friends and quite honestly makes a much better raffle salesperson than I do. Who could say no to that face? My brother-in-law helped me grill burgers for one event, while my mother and father-in-law helped out at other events. My mother who lives out of state was one of my centennial sponsors. I couldn’t have done this without my family.

Q: What have been the biggest challenges throughout this process?

A: I’d say time was the biggest challenge. There have been some times where I felt like I was juggling greased bowling balls. But it really has been a fun journey. And if you can’t have fun in what you’re doing, what’s the point?

Q: What can people do going forward to support your cause?jarrod4mayor logo

A: Keep sending money? Seriously though, keep going to the museum. They will continue to have new exhibits, new classes and programs and other great developments. Have your kids’ birthday party there, head on over for a day of play. And tell your friends about it.

Q: How will you celebrate your win, deal with your loss?

A: If we win, I’m sure I’ll cheer a bit and make some goofy speech replete with jokes only myself and one or two other people get. If I lose, I’ll take the case all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to. (Kidding once more) Win or lose, I will thank all of those who gave to the campaign and congratulate the winner.

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Don’t forget to attend the Honorary Mayor Finale at the Oakhurst Community Park on Wednesday, July 11th, from 5 – 7pm

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  1. MaryEllen Thome

    Proud of you son, and of my daughter in law and granddaughter.

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