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Jarrod & Steve "Drag" Donations From Children's Museum Supporters

During this election year many people get the sense that politicians will do anything for money. Well, apparently our small community is no different than what is going on throughout the country.

Wednesday evening 50 – 60 concerned citizens showed up to learn about exciting programs going on this summer at the Children’s Museum of the Sierra, and to support this valuable asset of our community.

It had been quite a few years since my last visit to the museum and I was so impressed with the quality of the exhibits and the dedication of the staff and volunteers. We were given a personal tour from Director Steve Montalto who shared with us his excitement about the progress the museum has recently made through the renewed efforts of the community.

Local businesses, including Kaiser Permanente and Sierra Telephone, have sponsored exhibits that educate children about their industries and the career opportunities within those industries. The museum is a fun, safe and exciting place for children (and adults too) to learn about our local flora and fauna, outer space, physics and so much more. Please check their website for hours of operation and more information, http://www.childrensmuseumofthesierra.org.

After the tour, the evening took an unexpected turn when mayoral candidate Jarrod Lyman, egged on by certain local philanthropists, took the stage to sell some votes. It was a blatant display of what can go very wrong in a political campaign.

This candidate did not even try to be discrete about his willingness, if elected, to grant access to the Mayor’s office to anyone who’d give him as little as $20. Give him $100 and the world of Oakhurst politics will be laid at your feet. Fortunately this event was in the evening and no children were in the audience when the candidate volunteered, with hardly any arm twisting, to don a blue satin gown if the audience would contributed $500 to his “campaign”. Jarrod and Steve in drag 6-27-12

Really, what sort of campaign is this man running? Was he even born in Oakhurst? Things got worst when museum Director Steve Montalto agreed, also with little hesitation, to pose on stage in a white wedding gown complete with a purse that clashed with his outfit, if patrons donated an additional $100. The evidence of this evening is easily proven by the attached photo.

If you can get past the sight of these two grown men on stage, in drag, you’ll see that there were some positive results from the evening. We all had fun, the food was delicious, we learned more about the Children’s Museum and more than $600 was raised in support. Thanks to Jarrod and Steve for all of your “work” to keep the museum open and prospering.

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