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It's A Walmart. No, It's A Target…

Everybody seems to know what’s going on over there just east of Kaiser on Highway 49, where they’re shoving all that dirt around. And they’re just sure about it.

One woman at Kaiser told me that it was a Target store. “I should know, my husband is working over there.”

Another person in Vons announced in no uncertain terms, right there next to the canned veggies, “It’s a Walmart. I should know, my brother works over there.”

So, to put everyone’s minds at ease, and help to solve the mystery, I asked someone who should know, Supervisor Tom Wheeler.

According to Tom, the guy who owns the property is just getting it leveled out and ready so that if and when someone does want to build there, it’s ready to go.

There is no Walmart exec waiting in the wings, and no plans for a Target store all drawn up to be presented to the planning department. It’s all being done on spec. So we can all just wait and see who might come along and say, “Hey, there’s the perfect piece of property for my new business.”

In the meantime, when someone assures you that they know what’s going on over there, you can just sit back and enjoy the tale. And we’ll keep you updated if anything new develops.

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  1. I would be beyond shocked if a Target opened there. Target has a very specific set of criteria to locate in any community. One of the largest is a set number of people with a square mile radius. The community I moved here from had a population of 50,000 to 60,000, depending on which city official you spoke with. Those numbers were not enough to entice Target to build there. Madera has a population of about 60,000, and their efforts to woo Target have also been rebuffed. That alone, in my mind at least, negates the possibility of a Target showing interest in that lot.

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