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Innovative Environment For University-Level Work

Written by Evana Holevas —

O’NEALS — Minarets High School provides both an innovative and friendly environment. From the affable students and teachers to the students’ freedom to research and share, Minarets truly is a special place.

Unlike most schools, social media and phone use are encouraged at Minarets. Students are taught to utilize these important outlets to promote their personal brand and show their work.

They learn to create quality pieces that can be put directly into their portfolio. Through presentations which are done in almost every class, students are also indirectly taught public speaking skills.

2014 Graduation“Minarets has really set me up for my future on the professional level — talking in front of people, doing presentations, and all the fundamental values I’ve needed so far for success,” says Matt Koen, Class of 2014.

Many Minarets graduates claim Minarets is more advanced than some local universities. Often times, they find themselves repeating some of the major projects assigned at Minarets in their undergraduate classes.

“Minarets is cutting edge, it goes far beyond what most colleges offer,” says Alana Holevas, Class of 2014. “The faculty are wonderful, they take the time to really listen to you and help you succeed. I wish Minarets had a college because I would go there in a heart beat.”

Minarets provides the resources and environment to be creative and follow your passions.

“If you can dream it, the [Minarets] faculty will do anything they can to help you achieve it.” — Alex Holt, Minarets Class of 2013

Evana Holevas is a Minarets student enrolled in Digital Writing

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