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Hunting Season Starts In Sierra National Forest

SIERRA NATIONAL FOREST — As hunting season begins, the Forest Service prepares for the arrival of hunters from all over California.

Archery season for deer begins Aug. 20 and will run until Sept. 11. General hunting season begins Sept. 17 and ends Oct. 30. For more information regarding hunting please visit

Currently the Sierra National Forest has fire restrictions in place (Forest Order 05-15-00-16-09). All hunters are reminded to review regulations as they are subject to change annually, and to be cautious of other people using the forest.

Falling trees are a severe hazard when traveling in the forest due to the high degree of tree mortality. All visitors are reminded to keep the following things in mind:

· Do not rely solely on cell phones for safety as many areas of the National Forest have no cell phone coverage.

· Bring an ax or a chainsaw to remove fallen trees from roads if they become blocked.

· When driving in remote areas, park close to a main road rather than on a spur or one-way section; if trees fall across the road you could become trapped.

· Pitch tents and park vehicles in areas where they will not be hit if trees fall.

· Stay out of the forest when there are strong winds that could blow trees down. If you are already in the forest when the winds pick up, head to a clearing out of reach of potential falling trees.

· Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid dense patches of dead trees. Trees and branches can fall without warning.

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