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Hunters Need To Check Fire Restrictions

NORTH FORK – As the central Sierra’s wildfire season extends into the late summer and early fall, hunters should be aware that fire restrictions are in place as the hunting seasons begin.

This may affect hunters’ usual routine in their favorite hunting areas. Hunters will find that:

  • Campfires are prohibited
  • Smoking is restricted to inside vehicles
  • Driving is limited to agency-designated roads and trails only

“Hunters should be alert to fire restrictions in areas where they plan to hunt this fall,” says Fire Prevention Team Leader for the Sierra National Forest, Daniel Tune. “Checking in advance with local state or federal land management agencies on the latest fire restrictions before leaving on a hunting trip can avoid unnecessary disruptions and concerns.”

Even with fire restrictions in place, Tune says there are many ways for hunters to enjoy their sport while still complying with the restrictions. In place of a campfire, hunters can stay warm with propane heaters, gas stoves and warm clothes.

A detailed forest road map can provide good information on designated roads and trails where travel by vehicle is permitted.

Hunters should make sure that their vehicles and trailers are properly maintained.

“Each year, dragging safety chains from trailers have ignited wildfires in this part of the state,” says Tune.

A National Wildfire Prevention and Education Team is working on the Sierra National Forest to assist in developing short and long term wildfire prevention and education strategies.

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