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HOW Honors Leilani Cummings

OAKHURST – Leaders of the charitable organization Helping One Woman (HOW) have announced the January recipient of the club’s giving dinner is a young woman who has been a dedicated, long-time caregiver to many, including her recently deceased mother.

HOW organizers say the January dinner will honor Leilani Cummings on Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015.

The location for Leilani’s HOW dinner is El Cid Mexican Cuisine on Highway 41 at 6 p.m.

“Leilani has experienced much loss within her immediate family over the last few years,” say HOW representatives. “Leilani has been the primary caregiver to her mother who recently passed due to cancer. This young woman has given a significant part of her time, energy and income to care for her loved ones. As a HOW community, we are honored to be able to bless Leilani with just a small portion of our time, energy and income.”

As Leilani begins this new leg of life’s journey, say organizers, “we’d like to surround her with encouragement and hope.”

The original HOW Chapter was founded in Fresno in 2008. “We envision a world where everyone is willing to provide comfort and support to another person when they need hope restored to their life,” the organization vision statement reads. “We are women joining together to demonstrate our support to help one woman at a time move forward on her journey through times of devastating trouble and loss. We believe that when we help one woman, we are helping one family and through that family we are helping our community.”

The local Oakhurst chapter of HOW each month honors women who are experiencing some kind of irreplaceable loss, offering encouragement and support.

“One way we do this is by presenting her with a monetary gift which is a collection of money that the women in attendance have given. The money is collected in a bowl, and 100% of it goes directly to the recipient. It is a suggested $10 gift: some give more, and some give less. The money itself is not intended to be the main gift; it is just a tangible sign of the love and support behind it. At the dinner, the recipient randomly chooses the next month’s recipient from a box of nomination forms that have been filled out by those in attendance at the dinner.”

Reservations are requested for the January 21 dinner at El Cid in honor of Leilani Cummings. Click here for more information.

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