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HOW Dinner Honors Casey Schweikert

OAKHURST – The nonprofit organization Helping One Woman (HOW) will meet on Wednesday, June 18, in support of Casey Schweikert, who recently lost her child Clancy Shea, due to complications of cerebral palsy.

HOW attendees will gather at DiCicco’s Italian Restaurant at 6 p.m., on the patio. Reservations are requested.

“If you don’t know Casey or her family, she is a wonderful, loving mother who lost her son three months ago, just two days before his 11th birthday,” explain organizers at HOW.

“Clancy suffered from cerebral palsy, the after-effect of an infection he developed as a baby. Casey and her husband worked hard to give Clancy an amazing life, and they miss him dreadfully now.”

Clancy SheaIn addition to recovering from his loss while guiding and consoling their small children through their own grief, friends say the Schweikerts have taken an enormous financial hit, having had to sell their home and most of their possessions.

HOW is rallying around Casey to lend a hand as needed.

“We want as many prizes donated, and as many people attending the dinner, as we can manage to round up,” they say. “Handcrafted items, services, gift cards, memberships, so many possibilities that would all help raise as much as possible for Casey.”

Donations can be dropped off with Nancy at Tokens Gift & Thrift Store or with Steve and Kristin at Steve’s Tropical Fish & Pet Supply.

“There’s no need to join HOW at all, just call DiCicco’s and add your name to the reservation. The dinners are positive, encouraging to the recipient, and if you come you have the joy of donating to Casey along with the fun of trying to win prizes!”

HOW promises that “every last penny of the proceeds from the prize drawing, as well as everything collected from attendees as they come in the door , that is $10 per person, will go directly to Casey at the end of the evening. Absolutely nothing is kept by the organization or anyone else.”

Those attending will place $10 or more toward the “pot” for Casey, and pay for their own dinners. In order for DiCicco’s to prepare for the evening, guests must call the restaurant for reservations: (559) 641-5588

For more information, visit the Oakhurst HOW Facebook page.

Read more about Clancy Shea on SNO.

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