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HOW Dinner In Support Of Kari Burton Smith

AHWAHNEE – The nonprofit organization Helping One Woman (HOW) will meet on Wednesday, May 20, to honor and support area resident Kari Burton Smith.

“On the morning of Apr. 11, Kari heard a knock at the door and was told the news no one ever hopes to hear,” say HOW organizers.

Kari’s husband Taylor had been in a fatal car accident. The loving couple had been married seven years. “With this loss comes financial hardship, as Kari must now support their two young children alone.”

HOW is rallying to lend a hand as needed for Kari and her family. Attendees on May 20 will gather at The Hitching Post in Ahwahnee at 6 p.m.; reservations are requested. Phone (559) 683-7917 to let them know you’re coming.

Helping One Woman LogoThose participating in the HOW benefit dinner will place $10 or more toward a contribution for Kari, and pay for their own dinners.

HOW promises that “every last penny of the proceeds from the prize drawing, as well as everything collected from attendees as they come in the door, that is $10 per person, will go directly to Kari at the end of the evening. Absolutely nothing is kept by the organization or anyone else.”

Community members or businesses who would like to donate an item to the prize drawing can contact Martha Medina at (559) 213-5098. For more information contact organizers via Facebook.

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