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HOW Dinner Honors Lynn Oliver

AHWAHNEE — The Oakhurst chapter of the nonprofit organization Helping One Woman (HOW) will honor Ahwahnee resident Lynn Oliver on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the Hitching Post Sports Bar and Grill. The uplifting evening begins at 6 p.m.

Lynn is a Manager at the Hitching Post, and currently recovering from a total ankle replacement surgery. She’s also a single mom and sole supporter of her daughter Ashley, a Freshman at Yosemite High .

Due to the surgery, Lynn is unable to work for what will be months. At this time it is unknown exactly when she will be able to return to work as the manager of the high volume restaurant and bar, Hitching Post, where she is on her feet the entire shift and typically working long hours.

It may have started years ago when Lynn broke her left ankle. After recovering from that injury, Lynn believes that perhaps overcompensating physically, so not re-injure that left ankle, caused her to overuse the right ankle.

HOW members gather for August meeting including recent HOW recipients - Photo courtesy of HOWThe passage of time and extra use may have led to the bone deterioration and chronic arthritic pain Lynn has experienced, which became unbearable in the past several months. The total ankle replacement was her only option to correct the problem. The painful result and reality is she now will be off work for an undetermined period of time.

Lynn is currently recovering in a hard cast and cannot bear any weight at all for a minimum of eight weeks. This period could be prolonged, depending on the condition of the surgical site and how well the ankle is healing.

After this period of time, Lynn is potentially facing additional physical therapy and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, her only source of income during this time is disability income, which is said to be inadequate to meet her monthly obligations. Lynn’s loss of income is already causing great hardship, according to organizers at HOW.

HOW members gather for August meeting - Photo courtesy of HOWTo make reservations for Lynn’s HOW dinner, call the Hitching Post directly (559) 683-7917. The Hitching Post is located at 42592 Highway 49 in Ahwahnee.

How does HOW work? HOW meets monthly for a dinner evening in honor of one deserving woman who receives the community’s support when she needs it the most.

Each guest pays for her own dinner and also donates $10 to the “pot.” After dinner the pooled money is gifted to the honoree. Another woman is then chosen, from written suggestions of the guests, for the next month’s dinner. Sometimes, there’s a raffle.

HOW RaffleIn other HOW news, the organization has been invited for the second year in a row to participate in the annual Holiday Tree Auction at Bass Lake, a fundraising event sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club. While the money Oakhurst HOW raises at dinners go directly to recipients, the holiday tree-auction event is an opportunity for the Chapter to raise operating funds.

All are invited to participate by bringing decorations for the HOW tree to the October dinner. The theme is “White Christmas,” and organizers are in need of white or silver items including ornaments, feathers, flowers and “anything pretty and sparkly.”

For more information, visit the HOW Facebook page.

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