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Image of street art by Fabio Gomes Trindade.
Street art by Fabio Gomes Trindade.

How Art Shapes Our Lives: Street Art

By Sal Maccarone

Created for public areas, Street Art is usually quite thought provoking. Where some forms of defiant, and vandalistic graffiti are offensive, there are other forms of street art that can be very uplifting. As the most hybrid form of artistic expression in the world, street art can change the entire character of an otherwise drab, or dismal area. This is change for the better! Of course, the issue of permission does enter into the equation, but street art is often times executed after an agreement has been made.

Image of a Julian Beever drawing.

Julian Beever drawing

Image of 3D street art.

3D street art

Extending to fences, streets and buildings, some street art paintings are absolutely breathtaking. Highly evolved techniques, and good visualization go toward manipulating a space, or subject. For example, the work of Brazilian artist Fabio Gomes Trindade beautifies entire neighborhoods. By combining an ordinary tree with the fence or wall below, Fabio has completely altered how we visualize, and think about the space. Thanks to social media artists all over the world have taken his concept to new heights.

Image of street art by Fabio Gomes Trindade. Woman with purple bougainvillea flowers growing out of her hair.

By Fabio Gomes Trindade

Some three dimensional street art, like the work of Julian Beever, can actually defy logic. Also known as Anamorphic Art, some of these drawings will come to life only when viewed from a certain angle. These beautiful contributions, as with all good street art, serve to benefit the community. Besides being interesting the art helps to bring people together as they ponder the style, size and/or the sheer skill involved in these drawings.

Image of anamorphic street art.

Anamorphic street art

Diverse in every way with no limits on what an artist will do, new street art is created every day somewhere in the world. In the end, all Street Art is about freedom, and creative expression. When you stop and think about it, our revered ancient cave paintings were a form of Street Art!

While not a permanent form of art, there are now chalk festivals on both coasts where new street artists can hone, and show off their skills. Both Pasadena, CA, and Sarasota, FL, host famous annual events. Often times these events are visited by renowned street artists such as Julian Beever to help inspire the newcomers.

Image of anamorphic street art.

Anamorphic street art

Two dimensions, three dimensions, on the wall or floor;  Well thought out Street Art will leave us wishing for more!


Sal Maccarone


Image of street art.

Street art

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