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Hot Saws And Cool Temps At The Loggers Jamboree

If you’ve ever been to the Mid-Sierra Loggers Jamboree in years past, you know that last weekend’s event was a balmy delight! With temps in the high 80’s and a nice breeze wafting through the trees both days, spectators and competitors alike enjoyed a fantastic weekend of logging action without the sweltering heat that is usually a part of Jamboree days.

Axe Throw 2012

The competition got underway on Saturday at 10am with the Pro Am competition, which was won by the team of Dexter Evans and Nathan Hodges. Pete Curtis took top honors in the Axe Throw, with the Working Saw title going to Eyler Harrison.

While the action was fast and furious in the arena, Scott Marsh, Winston Damme and their crew were busy setting up for the Woodchopper’s Ball. This year’s line-up of bands included Mo’s Blue Groove, Poor Man’s Poison, Licorice Pimps and Good Medicine. Firedancers 2 Woodchoppers Ball 2012Between sets, Mana Fire wowed the crowd with fancy footwork and red-hot firedancing.

But before the dancing would begin, the Loggers Jamboree Parade stepped off at 5pm, followed by a BBQ at the Town Hall, sponsored by the North Fork Boosters. (See winning parade entries below)

Sunday morning started off with a local tradition – the Lions Club Pancake Breakfast at the Town Hall. This is always a very popular event, giving everyone a chance to sit and visit with friends and neighbors, and get fueled up for the day’s activities at the Rec Center. The Lions Club served over 340 people, and they want to thank the community for coming out to support them. Mark your calendars for their next Pancake Breakfast on September 1st at the Rec Center. Same time, 7am – 10am, same price, just $6, or find a Lion for a pre-sale price of $5.

With the singing of the National Anthem, Sunday’s competition was underway at noon. It was another day of hot saws and cool weather, which included perennial favorite, the “hot power saw” event. There was also a refreshing plunge into Willow Creek for those competing in the Log Burling event.

Crystal Piotrowski QueenCrystal Piotrowski was crowned Jamboree Queen during the Woodchoppers Ball on Saturday night, winning the title by selling the most tickets, 792. Little Princess Sidney Thornburg-Frausto sold 500 tickets, and ‘Lil Logger John Quigley sold an amazing 1,561. Winner Tom Martin

When the saws were silent and the chips had fallen, the title of Champion Logger was earned by and awarded to Tom Martin. (Photo Courtesy of Roger Robinette)

The 53rd Annual Mid-Sierra Loggers Jamboree was a great success for the North Fork Boosters, and the money raised goes right back into the community to fund programs for our kids at the Rec Center, and for maintenance of that facility and the Town Hall. Both are important assets for the town of North Fork, and your participation in the Jamboree helps to keep these up and running.

See the final results of the competitions below:

2012 Loggers Jamboree Results
Champion Logger — Tom Martin
PRO AM Results (Saturday) Professional Results (Sunday Events)
1st Dexter Evans
Nathan Hodges Axe Throw Hot Power Saw
2nd Aaron Morrow 1st Nathan Hodges 1st Mike Morrow
Jeremy Middleton 2nd Jim Taylor 2nd Tom Nelson
3rd Buck Scroggs 3rd Kyle Jansen 3rd Indy Elming
Rory Castro 4th Dale Tex 4th Tim Elming
4th Tom Wheeler 5th Bob Maldonado
Kenny Quigley Choker Setting Ladies Power Saw
1st Nathan Hodges 1st Sue Lavell
Jason Tayler Axe Throw 2nd Charlie Rose 2nd Kittie Lavell
1st Pete Curtis 3rd Tom Martin 3rd Cathy Hodges
2nd Nathan Hodges 4th Daniel Ching 4th Kathy Logee
3rd Mike Morrow 5th Buck Scroggs
4th Jerry Hodges Stock Power Saw Ladies Axe Throw
1st Bill Davis 1st Kathy Logee
Working Saw 2nd Aaron Morrow 2nd Shannon Raley
1st Eyler Harrison 3rd Bob Maldonado 3rd Cathy Hodges
2nd Aaron Morrow 4th Riley Allen 4th MacKenzie Pinkerton
3rd Bill Antill 5th Tom Wheeler
4th Mike Morrow Hand Chopping Jack and Jill
1st Tom Martin 1st Jim Taylor/Carol Taylor
Horseshoe Tournament 2nd Mitch Richardson 2nd Nate Hodges/Kittie Lavel
1st Arthur Burt/Cisco Delacarza 3rd Walt Page 3rd George & Tina Harrison
2nd Dale Tex/Leif Rowland 4th Riley Allen 4th Aaron & Bev Morrow
3rd Jacob Ross/Gary Daniels 5th Nate Hodges
4th Kenny Wyatt/Rudy Bates Double Hand Bucking
1st Tom Martin/Jim Taylor
2nd Walt Page/Mitch Richardson
3rd Aaron Morrow/Mike Morrow
4th Wesly Palmer/Burl Wade
5th Eyler Harrison/George Harrison
Tree Falling
1st Tom Martin/Jim Taylor
2nd Jim Taylor
3rd Mitch Richardson
4th Bill Davis
Log Birling Champion Logger
1st Nathan Hodges Tom Martin
2nd Burl Wade Nathan Hodges — 2nd
3rd Jerry Hodges Jim Taylor — 3rd
4th Pat Hodges

2012 Loggers Jamboree Parade Winning Entries – Theme: “Green Then, Green Now, Green Forever”

Best Theme Float

-The Davis Family, “Autism Awareness Goes Green”

-North Fork Women’s Club

Equestrian Group

-American Spirit Riders

-2012 Coarsegold Rodeo Royalty

-JT Hutchens

Best Auto

-Stan Whitson 1919 Model T Roadster

Merchant Float

-Gas ‘n Stuff


-Sierra Mono Museum

Bicycle Riders

-Dillon Fink and Mitchel Uribe

Lavell-Curtiss Family Float

John Fabris – “Rocket Logger”

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