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Horsepower Coffee Crew
Horsepower Coffee Crew

Horsepower Coffee: Giving the ‘Stang Staff an Energized Morning

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By Alexis Loewen & Eden Alise Tenty (Student journalists at Minarets High School)

Students enrolled in Ag Business have started their own business: Horsepower Coffee. As the name implies, it is a student-run business that provides coffee to the staff members of both Minarets High School and Chawanakee Unified.

Ag teacher and adviser Keeley Hall explained that she got the idea last year from another school after they posted about it on Facebook. When she shared the idea with the students of her business class, they took it from there. They started managing the finances, social media and making the coffee all in just two weeks!

Junior Emma Bloodworth shared that the Minarets Business gets their coffee locally from the Mariposa Coffee Company and sell it to the teachers and staff for $3.50 a cup. There are multiple flavors, including Pumpkin Spice, Snickerdoodle, 49ers (original blend) and decaf 49ers.

Despite demand, they are unable to sell to students or anyone else (excluding staff members) unless it is at an after school event, like football games and volleyball games. Financial secretary Autumn Alford explained that “state law prohibits the selling of caffeine to any of the students on campus between the hours of midnight and 4:00 p.m.”

Within the class, students have taken on multiple roles. Junior Briley Dahlem, for example, started the social media for the business and is part of the social media team. She shared that the hardest part of the media group’s task is coming up with unique ways to share about the coffee sales.

Senior Mackenzie Camacho, who is part of the finance team, shares that the cost for supplies is “about a couple hundred dollars a month” and all the profits from their sales go back into buying more supplies for the coffee sales.

After only two months, Horsepower Coffee has become a staple on campus. Multiple staff members have integrated their delicious coffee into their daily routine for odd scheduled days.

Be sure to stay up to date with all things Horsepower Coffee by following them on Instagram at  @minarets.horsepower

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Can’t start the day without coffee!

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