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Homeowners’ Financial Assistance To Fell Dead Trees

MOUNTAIN AREA — The Coarsegold Resource Conservation District (CRCD) anticipates that they will have some money to help qualified homeowners who need to fell dead trees within 100-feet of their dwelling.

“The money comes from the Cal Fire Department of Forestry and Fire Protection – Tree Mortality grant,” explains Anne Melrose, Executive Director of the CRCD.

“We are hoping to offer funds to help to those who cannot afford it themselves, but whose houses are in danger. We hope to help pay the bill, not pay the whole thing, so ideally there will be some other source of support.

“The CRCD will start a list of homeowners who contact us because they feel they qualify, then do a home inspection and vet those most in need. We will help as much as possible with the funds we have.”

For more information contact Anne Melrose by phone at (559) 676-7636 or via email ammelrose0@gmail.com.

The Coarsegold Resource Conservation District (CRCD) is responsible for soil and water conservation work within its boundaries. The district governing board is appointed, and it is their job to plan and carry out long-range programs based on the conservation work needed in their area.

Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) are local units of government organized by local residents under State law. The CRCD was established in 1968. Districts operate on the premise that local people know more about local problems than anyone else.

The CRCD Board of Directors includes Jay Seslowe, Marcia Freedman, Roger Tucker, Wade  Wheeler and Aaron Kern.

Meetings are held the fourth Thursday of the month at the North Fork Mill Site at 9 a.m.

Coarsegold Resource Conservation District

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