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Homemaking 101

Outside our North Fork home. How to raise a family.

Mr. bluebird is looking good. (Apologies for anthropomorphizing. Can’t resist)

Yes! He attracts a potential mate

Homemaking 2

First, they go looking for an apartment

Homemaking 3

He looks it over

Homemaking 4

She has her turn

Homemaking 5

She disappears while he waits outside impatiently

Homemaking 6

Yes, it looks promising

Homemaking 7

Let me check too

Homemaking 8

OK, now to furnish it.

Homemaking 9

She does her part, too

Homemaking 10

A few pine needles for contrast

Homemaking 11

I think I’ve found some good stiff material we can use

Homemaking 12

Later, home gets a bit crowded with the addition of 4 little ones

Homemaking 13

They are curious about the outside world but not ready to go out into it

Homemaking 14

The work goes on. The kids have to be fed. Honey bees and grasshoppers are the preferred meals

Homemaking 15

Maybe a wasp for dessert

Homemaking 16

The youngsters finally venture out and eventually start looking for a place for

Maybe a duplex?

Homemaking 17

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