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Image of the 1969 Logger's Jamboree Parade.
Do you remember the old North Fork Fire Station? Or any of these fellas walking in the 1969 Loggers Jamboree Parade? Let us know!

History Mystery #96: The Case of the Forgotten Fire Station

Submitted by Connie Popelish, North Fork History Group 

The people of North Fork have always been big on community spirit! In this 1969 image of participants in the Loggers Jamboree Parade, the Volunteer Fire Station is in the background. The location of the Fire House was Main Street, North Fork, where the library is today. The North Fork History Group would like to know more about the history of the fire station.

  • Who built the first fire station?
  • Who donated the land?
  • What kind of fire engine did the Volunteer Fire Department have and who was on the crew?
  • And, can anyone identify the men and boys walking in the 1969 Loggers Jamboree Parade?

Follow-Up to History Mystery #95

We had over a thousand views, two emails, lots of likes on Facebook and some shares of our History Mystery. It is a “hog oiler circa 1913” used by farmers to provide relief to hogs from various disease spreading insects and offer skin protection. Hogs seeking relief would rub against the grooved wheel causing it to rotate and dispense oil onto their bodies. Charles Martin shared a link on Wikipedia and John Pryor also shared information that he found. Thank you to everyone for your participation in our History Mystery.

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