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Nearly a century-old image of a couple on the front porch of a cabin.
Do you recognize this cabin or the folks on the porch? Let us know if you do!

History Mystery #93: The Case of the Curious Cabin

Submitted by Christina McDonald

Nearly a century-old image of a couple on the porch of a cabin. Munahoo (Hello) History Mystery followers! The Sierra Mono Museum and Cultural Center has a photo of a cabin that we are seeking information on. The photo is labeled Whisky Creek, North Fork, and is built on a foundation of granite, with peeled logs for the support posts for the porch and some shake lumber.

We are seeking information on the location of this cabin, the name of the man and woman in the photo, and the approximate era of the photo based on the style of dress. Perhaps this is your family, check your photo albums and see if the cabin is in your family collection, perhaps you will have more detail than we have here.

Museum Update:  We have started to build our exhibits and any help we can get identifying these historic photos would be very helpful to us. With the current public health emergency, we will continue to stay closed until further notice, however, we are open for any memberships that need to be renewed.

Please give us a call at 559-877-2115 or send an e-mail to the museum at monomuseum@gmail.com.

Follow-Up to History Mystery #92 – The Case of Gabby’s Place

On behalf of E Clampus Vitus Grub Gulch 41-49 Chapter, I’d like to thank everyone who replied to the Gabby’s Corner History Mystery. We are so happy that there is such overwhelming support for a monument at Gabby’s. We have contacted Gabby’s family and hope to have even more stories to include in his monument. He was a much-beloved special man and owned a special place.

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  1. Comments from SNO’s Facebook page:

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    Julie Condon
    I remember visiting my grandpa’s cousins prob 50 yrs ago (or so) in a house similar. They lived nearly on Whiskey Creek and my sis and I would sit on the bank and watch the trout swim. Their creek area was tree-covered and I don’t remember any rock outcropping or boulders. I’ve got a call in to my mom????????she might remember more.

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    Christina McDonald
    Julie Condon that’s great maybe you can solve the mystery!

    Dawn Alejandre
    Sandi Alejandre ??

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