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Did you ever hear about the shooting in Raymond way back in 1902? Do you know how the whole thing all turned out? Let us know if you do!

History Mystery #91: The Case of the Cold-Blooded Cavalry

Article submitted by Lynn Northrop, Raymond Museum

This letter (see below) was sent to me by ex-Raymondites Bob and Trina Quinn via a friend of theirs. We are hoping someone knows this Ducker name in our area and may have a family history or story about what happened to the cavalry soldiers that perpetrated this crime.

In Raymond’s history we have many tales of soldiers from several different regiments heading to and from Yosemite and running into trouble while they were in Raymond. This story is particularly interesting but we cannot find any further details about it.

We were also curious about the officer that witnessed the shooting but was too afraid to make any arrests. We thought it would be so informative to find out if anyone was ever brought to court over this killing.

Image of a letter sent to History Mystery.


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