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History Mystery #41

History Mystery #41

Picture postcard, identity of subject unknown – photo by Jack Gyer courtesy of Fresno Flats Museum

This is a real photo postcard of the type commonly used to send images of a person or location to friends and family. It is just one of the several hundred photos given to the Research Library of the Sierra Historical Society by Jack Gyer before his death.

Before he began to publish the Sierra Star in 1957, Jack was a commercial photographer, specializing in weddings and portraits. The subjects and date taken are noted on the back of nearly all of Jack’s photos, except this one. It does bear the hand written date 26 Oct 1936.

Can anyone help us identify this dapper looking gentleman?

Submitted by Roger Mitchell, Fresno Flats Museum

Follow up from History Mystery #40

We spoke with Zelda Whitener because we knew she went to school with many Mono children. She not only recognized some of the individuals, she is in the photo, and has a copy of it.

Hsitory Mystery #40 Mono Museum 5-16

She told us this photo was taken 72 years ago and was the graduation photo for the school. Zelda does not remember the significance of the hats worn by some of the students.

She gave us the names of some of the students and has promised to give us more names when she has the chance to study the photo further. We will add those when she gives them to us.

The names she gave us are: Gertie Capp Davis, 4th row, 4th from left; Victor Mulhley, 1st row, 4th from left; Zelda Burns Whitener, 2nd row, 2nd from left and holding hands with her best friend, Marjorie Jefferson, 2nd row, 1st from left.

Posted by Don Grove, North Fork History Group

Editor’s note: We received this comment from Mary Sholler of the Madera County Library:

With regards to History Mystery #40, we received this photo from Dorothy Sherman which was included in the Madera County Native American Collection in the California Room at the Madera County Library.

The following information was provided with the photo, written presumably by Mae Polkenhorn-Sherman:

“Bible School held at Old North Fork School, directed by the Presbyterian Indian Mission, date is approximately 1938. I do not remember any of the grown-ups in back.

Next to back row: ?, Ray Putler, Martha Hosick, Buddy Wilhite, Gertie Capp, Lee Sherman, Connie Rogazenski, Barbara Goodwin, Laverse Wells, Gloria Hoskins, Marjorie Wells, the tree, ?, ?, Bill Putler.

2nd Row: Marjorie Jefferson, Zelda Burns, ?, Jackie Hosick, ?, Marie Capp, Duain Wilhite, Leota Shmidt, Barbara Wells, Una Burns, ?, Betty McGee, ?

In the middle: Little girl with her hands on her head is Rosalie Goodwin, David Goodwin, Winkie Goodwin, ?, ?.

Sitting on the ground: Eldren Sherman, Tommy Jefferson, ?, Victor Muhly, ?, ?, Ellis Wells, Mack Hosick and Red Carmen.

Copied by Barbara Goodwin Boatwright. The original was given to me (Mae Polkenhorn Sherman?) by Mary Diel Thomason.”

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