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History Mystery #21

This month’s History Mystery is a little different. The photograph below is of North Fork School children doing some sort of activity on the school grounds. This is one of many school photographs that were saved from the trash bin years ago. Only recently, they were donated to the North Fork History Group.

We do not know who took the picture, nor when it was taken. Can you identify any of the people in the photo? Can you tell us what the kids were doing in this activity?

If you know something about this photograph that will help the North Fork History Group (NFHG) learn more about our local history, please leave us a comment at the bottom of this page and tell us what you know. Or, write us an email message at northforkhistorygroup@gmail.com. With your help we can solve…

…the History Mystery for October 2014. Prepared for the North Fork History Group by Don Grove.

Follow up on History Mystery #20 –

Thank you for the responses to the Thomas Hill Question. The Hill’s Pride Inn in Knowles was not named for Thomas Hill. However, they are celebrating 99 years of continuous operation so everyone is welcome to stop by for a beverage and hear about the quarry history of the bar and Knowles, itself.

I had a visitor to the museum who remembers her father discussing Hills’ home being across from the present day county yard on the knoll of Road 613. I will be exploring that possibility.

Because Thomas Hill was such an important painter and valuable to Yosemite’s history, we may discover more about his time in Raymond.
Lynn Northrop
Raymond Museum


  1. After looking,at the pic,and assessing that Mrs Grant is the teacher in middle and possibly sue trimmer in white hat walking I think k it may also be Jake Punkin in the red hat and Ciena Ramirez (Ching) with the hair down in the white shirt with shorts.

  2. Blonde boy sitting down looks like my husband John Hayes Somerville.

  3. My husband said, “sit ups”.

  4. It’s billy beam day (I think that’s how you spell it) its one of the games we used to play on that day. They have little medicine droppers and they are trying to fill the beekers on the heads of their partner the fastest. I remember it when I went there.

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