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The History Mystery #16

This month instead of a photograph about which we have questions, we are in need of a photograph! The North Fork History Group is searching for a high quality photograph of Judge Marcia Putney.

Marcia Putney was instrumental in starting the Women’s Club of North Fork. She was also the first woman judge in Madera County. As a distinguished member of North Fork and Madera County history, we may have the opportunity to place her photograph on the walls of the new courthouse in Madera.

Last year the North Fork History Group submitted several photographs for consideration for permanent display at the new courthouse. One of the photographs selected was of Judge Putney, but it did not meet the resolution requirements. The resolution must be good enough to enlarge to 16″x20″ with clarity.

We are looking for a photograph to substitute, but time is running out on the selection process. We received a couple of photographs, but none was sharp enough to enlarge to the needed size.

If you have a good photograph of Marcia Putney that you are willing to share for this purpose, we will scan it and return it to you promptly. Please call Ginny Smith at 559-877-4807or Don Grove at 559-877-2141.

HM 15 photo - flippedResults from History Mystery #15

We did not receive any responses about the Raymond newspaper. The Raymond Museum has been looking for any additional copies or articles from the old newspaper for five years. They are thankful to have one copy.

In December of 1912 the town of Raymond decided to publish a newspaper with one H.S. Martin as its editor. There was a printing office somewhere in the town and at least 25 weeks of the paper were published. This is No. 25 dated May 8th, 1913, and the only copy we have been able to find.

For more information on the Raymond newspaper mystery, click here.

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