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Image of antique carved wooden tools.
Do you know what these tools are or what they were used for? Let us know!

History Mystery #113: Carved Wooden Tools

Submitted by Karen Morris, CHS President. 

Image of antique wooden carved tools. These are carved tools made out of wood. They were recently donated to the Coarsegold Historic Museum.

Do you know what they were used for or how old they might be?

The one standing upright has holes in the bottom but the bottom is covered in felt.

You can comment here or at chs@sti.net or our CHS Facebook page.

Thank you for your information.

Follow-Up to History Mystery #112: The Traveling Mystery Cabin

There were no comments with information about the “Traveling Cabin.”

If you come across any information about the cabin, please send to northforkhistorygroup@gmail.com.

Image of Silver Knob Cabin.

Silver Knob Cabin.


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  1. Comments from SNO’s Facebook page:

    Gary Gragnani
    Sausage or meat pushers when grinding sausage —
    May be an image of text that says ‘eBay Vintage Wooden Sausage . Stuffer Cabbage Stomper 28″ Long eBay Visit’ To see the photos posted go to SNO’s Facegook page.

    Gary Gragnani
    May be an image of indoor

    Gary Gragnani
    May be an image of text that says ‘1 butcher-baker Wooden wood stomper pusher for MEDIUM meat sausage’

    Julie Condon
    My great grandmother (born near the Volga River area in Russia) had one she used for many things, but primarily for mashing potatoes. I’ve seen smaller, rounder pestles in antique stores.

    Julie Condon
    Guessing the small utensil with holes might have been used as a strainer.

    Terry Burley
    I seem to recall the two on the right being used to mix printers ink.

    Eryn Moore
    I’m guessing for corking bottles or reloading ammo?

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