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The History Mystery #10

The photograph below of local Sierra National Forest rangers circa 1910, includes Gene Tully (far left), a well liked and respected government employee. Other rangers in this picture are John Huges (black hat, third from left) and John Geddes (center top).

But where in North Fork was this photo taken? And, who are the other rangers in this picture taken by an unknown photographer? Is it at “Sight Rock”? Or, is it the rock on the road at the Buckhorn Bar? Or is it the one that was later blasted out from just across the road at the north end of the Weatherly’s Market building?

Rangers of the earlier days of the Sierra National Forest were cowboys, fire fighters, law enforcement officers and biologists, just like today. They worked hard, rode great distances and even had to be diplomats.

This photograph was also used in the publication “Sierra Centennial: 100 Years of Pioneering on the Sierra National Forest” (page 27), however it was reversed. In the image here, it is correctly represented – note that in the lower left corner of this scanned image is the last part of the name of the town of North Fork.

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With your help we might solve…

…the History Mystery for October 2013!

HM 9 Photo

Last month the Raymond Museum asked about a tool used in the quarry. Thanks goes to Marie Lewis who provided this great response:
“It appears to be a soft stone shaping tool. The Trow and Holden Company is still in business in Barre, VT. Their current tool that looks like a modern version of the device in the photo is called a solid tooth bush hammer. Their website guide for hammers is: http://trowandholden.com/guide2hammers.pdf

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  1. Is the rock outide of the Buckhorn??? Love your site….have just discovered the blogs on your site….They are wonderful……

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