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The highway will have one-way traffic controls overnight. Read on for the details.

Highway Closures in Yosemite and Sierra Nevada

Nov 6, 2020 – Tioga Road (continuation of Highway 120 through the park) and Glacier Point Road are temporarily closed in anticipation of snow. We will evaluate conditions on Monday to see if it’s possible to reopen.

For information on Tioga Pass, please visit the Yosemite National Park at www.nps.gov/yose/index.htm. The park maintains roads in the park and manages the openings and closings as the highway winds through the park.

Due to this weekend’s approaching storm, Cal Trans is scheduled to temporarily close Monitor Pass/State Route 89, Ebbetts Pass/SR-4 and Sonora Pass/SR-108 at 10 a.m. on Friday, November 6, 2020.

The three passes are scheduled to remain closed until Monday morning, November 9, 2020, when the weather situation will be re-assessed. Cal Trans typically closes all three passes prior to the severe winter-weather season, and the passes usually remain closed until the roads are cleared of snow and inspected prior to public travel each Spring.

This weekend’s storm is expected to drop temperatures, as well as drop some rain in the foothills and the valley floor. It also is expected to deliver snow to the higher altitudes of the Sierra Nevada.

Always prepare for your trip by packing an emergency bag with extra food, beverages, cell phone charger, heavy jackets and other items in case you become stranded.

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