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Highway 41 Crash: Multiple Vehicles, No Injuries

Nov 9 2015 black car in building damage motorhome mustang CHP - photo by Virginia Lazar

Photo credit Virginia Lazar

OAKHURST – Just after 11 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 9, CHP responded to an accident on Highway 41 near Golden Oak Loop, involving a total of four vehicles, one of them a motorhome.

The driver of the motorhome, a resident of San Jose who was southbound on Highway 41 with one passenger, told CHP that his brakes failed when he pulled off the road, causing him to crash into three cars parked on the west side of the highway.

The impact sent a sedan through the big window of an unoccupied unit of the building located at 40396 Highway 41, perched up on a retaining wall and part-way into the empty retail space known as Suite A. The motorhome wound up tucked in parallel to the storefront, facing south.

Nov 9 2015 wideshot accident - photo by Beth Adkins via Facebook

Photo credit Beth Adkins

Two of the three cars hit were unoccupied, including the medium-sized black sedan that went into the storefront.

The third car, a black Mustang, was occupied by two visitors from London, England. The other two cars belong to local Oakhurst residents, according to CHP.

While all involved were shaken up, no injuries were reported.

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